Glory View Academy, Kadongo, Oyugis, Kenya, East Africa

Exterior classroom.jpg

The Bekki Foundation has committed to support this primary (elementary through middle school level), complete its physical structure and furnish the classrooms. This school accommodates from rural Kadongo community and its surroundings. Students are either orphaned or come extremely poor families. Currently students must endure harsh weather elements; as students are exposed to rain and the hot sun because the classrooms have bare walls.


Most students sit directly on the bare mud floors as there are no desks. The bare floors expose them to parasites and makes learning difficult seated on hard floors.


The school has no running water. Students and teachers rely on approximately 5 gallons of water (equivalent of one jerry can) to serve the entire school. Because of this water is rationed and limited to drinking and hand washing before meals. The lack of water translates to no handwashing; a key prerequisite for disease or infection control


Due to the demographics in this community, students may survive on the one meal a day that is served at the school. The Bekki Foundation hopes to increase the number of meals to breakfast and lunch due to its believe in the role of nutrition in the student’s academic and extracurricular performance.