Called To Ministry, Now What!

Each of us was born with gifts and talents. Some still struggle with identifying their gifts, others struggle with how to develop those gifts. In this book you will detect possible clues that are linked to your gifts and how they manifest. Throughout the book you, will be shown how to identify and develop your gifts and talents; in partnership with the Holy Spirit and with man (God appointed mentors).  This book is for EVERY believer because all believers are ministers. The book is for those contemplating ministry and have no clue what to do; for Ministers in Training or ministry interns, for ANY church worker; for deacons, elders, ministers and pastors. It is a foundational manual; 101 in ministry, but the Spirit inspired words in this book can be applied IN ALL vocational areas including church and the workforce. Be equipped, the harvest is plenteous! ISBN-978-1-5127-2760-9.  Hardcover. 104 pages


Ministry Beyond The Pulpit

Titles and talents are NOT prerequisites for service. Each believer is uniquely and individually gifted by God and has the capacity and capability to minister to others. Jesus Christ in His mandate to the His followers said “go ye”; there are no special titles or designations tied to this mandate other that “those who believe”, Mark 16:14-20. The main objective of this book is to encourage each believer to recognize the platform God has given them to accomplish the Great Commission. This platform may be a career, vocation, business, home environment or department in a church. This platform is what I refer to as “your pulpit”. Each believer has one.  Once you have recognized your pulpit, I discuss how both natural gifts, talents and spiritual gifts can be applied collectively to minister to others. The harvest is still plenteous. Having been already empowered by Jesus, let us join together in gathering the harvest. Go ahead, minister wherever you are!


The Alternative Plan

Released in the summer of 2015, this book is written to young professionals in the work place as well as young adults from high school to those just launching into their first careers; to assure then that God can still realign your life to fit the plan He intended for you. This book is written to those questioning their future, it ministers to the wounded and those seeking security in their lives. This book highlights the lies Satan uses to sabotage the plan of God for you. It demonstrates God’s ability to clean up and restore to fullness, even the greatest mess. Through reading this book, may you receive salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration and restitution in the Name of Jesus through His Blood! The purpose of this book is to bring hope to the reader and provide direction on how to get back to the plan God intended for you. ISBN-978-0-9898247-6-7. Hardcover. 55 pages